About Me

I grew up in Ballyfermot, Dublin in the good old days.  I have always loved Art and especially working with my hands.  My Father was and still is a big influence in my way of life.  He was a carpenter by trade and was very highly skilled in whatever he put his hand to.  So from a very young age I have learnt to appreciate anything handmade.

When I left school, I was always going to work with my hands, I worked in the construction Industry for over twenty-five years specializing in concrete layout and design.  I fell in love with Copper Art when I attended an Art Exhibition of a good friend of mine who had inherited his skill of Copper Art from his Father.  From then on, I was hooked.

I studied and learned the ancient techniques combined with all the new techniques over a number of years before I moved up to Donegal.  I then started Donegal Copper Craft as a hobby and it has now turned into a full-time passion that I know I wanted to carry forever.

About Copper

Copper work, tools, implements, weapons and Artwork have all been made from copper.  Coppers discovery proceeds recorded history and dates back to at least 4000bc.  Few people realise how much it has contributed to Artists throughout history.

Copper has a historical connection and was considered valuable, like Gold and Silver.  Coppers beauty has a lot to do with its contribution to human civilization.  Throughout history, Coppers unique ancestors have made it a popular material for Artists worldwide.

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